Having an independent practice

Building some private houses in Israel. among the most distinguished :

  • An urban house in Afeka — Tel Aviv, (with architect Dan Liad), It was published ¡n the magazine “Architectura” and an appreciation essay
  • Written in “Haaretz” by Prof. Ran Schori. the building was also published in the international Baohouse convention in Tel Aviv.
  • “Mozes house” in Savyon (with architect Dan Liad). The house was published in the Israeli Biennale and was chosen to represent Israeli Architecture in the International publication of “Casa international’.
  •  ‘Bar on’ a residential house in Herzlia Pituah.
  • Development of the Municipality site in Ramat Hasharon  (with architect Hilik Korin)
  • Designing “Reot” a school for children with special needs in Petach Tikva with arch. Nir Chen
  • Designing a house at 12 Asaf st. in Ramat Gan . built with arch. Nir Chen.
  • Designing a house with 29 flats at 2,4 Sanhedrin st.  Ramat Gan with arch.  Nir Chen
  • Designing a house with 15 flats in Ramat Gan with Arch. Nir Chen
  • “Pinoi Binoi” Ramat Gan with Arch. Nir Chen
  • Desg. A complex incl. a commercial center, hotel & a railway station in  Kosice Slovakia with arch. Nir Chen about 150,000 sqm – not built
  • Desg. A shopping mall in Ploiesti Romania about 50,000 sqm. – not built with  arch. Nir Chen.