Professional Background

1968-1971 -    Working in the Tel Aviv Waterfront Development scheme , which was a collaboration of various firms: Rechter,  Yaski, Niv Reifer, Nadler Nadler Bixon. At the end of  that period I became the head of the collaboration’s   office.

1971-1978 -    Working at Rechter-Zarhi architects, Peri Engineer – in that capacity managing: (as the architect in charge & head of team of design) the following projects: 

  • Astoria Hotel” now “Dan Panorama”)—504 rooms (built).
  • Neighborhood unit of 300 apartments&hotel Herzelia (not built)
  • Town Planning scheme for “Pardes Margoshes” (160 dunam) containing: 1050 apartments 46,000 sq.m. commercial area (almost finished).
  • Yuval Hotel” — 800 rooms at the Tel Aviv Waterfront (not built).
  • Guest welcome center in “Weizmann lnstitute”-Rehovot (not built)
  • Arad City center — (stage B — not built).

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