Publications (as the senior associate architect in Rechter office):

  1. Tel Aviv water front promenade. (“Architectura” 1985).
  2. Hotel on ‘Mount Carmel’ — Haifa (A.A. 1982).
  3. “Laromme” Hotel Tel aviv (Tvai 1981).
  4. Computer Center in Lod (L’ architettura Italy – 1988).
  5. Computer Center in Lod (Tvai 1988).
  6. “Gilo” — a magazine of planning Gilo quarter — published by the minister of housing in Jerusalem.
  7. Tel Aviv promenade — (“Contemporary Architecture” 1984-5 ,The InternationalYear Book.)
  8. Computer Center in Lod — (Comtemporary Architecture 1987-8 the International Year Book).
  9. Law Courts , Acre ( L’ architettura Italy – 1988).
  10. Law Courts ,Acre-was chosen to represent Israel in the Biennale in Venice (1998).

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