Teaching Experience

  1. Head of Studio for design & architecture in the ‘Sadna’, School of architecture (parallel to figures like Ram Karmi, Zvi Hecker, Eldar Sharon & others) 6 years.
  2. One of the founders of the school of Architecture in Tel Aviv University (Professor A.Yaski, The Founder and first head of school)
  3. Head of studio for design & architecture in the new school of architecture in Tel Aviv University- 5 years and from then on 3 years head of four studios.
  4. A Senior Teacher for 6 years in the school of Arcitecture Tel Aviv University.
  5. An associate Professor at the School of Architecture Tel Aviv University (May 2001).
  6. Retired from Tel Aviv University at 2010.
  7. Since 2011 teaching at “Shenkar” school of interior design & environmental planning

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